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UCEAP Israel

Travel behind the headlines and see the real Israel. Each year millions are drawn to Israel’s storied landmarks, spiritual centers, and healing seas. Building on the country's history are leading industries and rapid development, where today’s generation can gain career training and a broadened view of the Middle East. In Jerusalem, intern or conduct research in fields from cognitive psychology to performing arts. In the port city of Haifa, benefit from proximity to Israel’s technology hub. For an authentic Israeli experience—including outreach projects with Bedouin tribes—venture just outside the major tourist centers to Be’er Sheva.

Yahel Israel

Yahel Social Change Fellowship

Spend 9 months immersed in Israel, giving, growing and seeing it from the inside. Our most immersive program puts fellows at the forefront of social issues facing Israel and equips them with the tools to create real, lasting change. Whether it’s teaching English to Ethiopian Israelis or helping local NGO staff further a project, fellows become deeply involved in the grassroots Israel experience and in the communities they serve. 

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Fulbright Israel

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellowship

Fulbright Israel plans to award approximately six English Teaching Assistant Fellowships each academic year.

Preference will be given to applicants who hold a degree in English literature, TEFL/linguistics, American studies, or education. Fulbright Israel awards are granted on the basis of academic excellence, the leadership promise of the applicant, and their potential of the proposed visit to both advance knowledge and enhance mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and Israel.

Holders of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as doctoral students may apply for the fellowship. Those still engaged in Bachelor’s degree studies at the time of application are also eligible. Those who have already completed all the requirements for receipt of a doctoral degree at the time of application are not eligible to request English Teaching Assistant fellowships.

Preference will be given to applicants who have had limited or no prior experience in Israel.

English Teaching Assistants will be placed in English classes at colleges according to their background, level of teaching experience, and field of knowledge. ETAs assist English teachers in the classroom for up to 20 hours per week. They may be asked to conduct conversation practice in small groups and/or help students from underprivileged communities with a poor command of the English language. Assignments may vary depending on the college’s needs and ETAs abilities.

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Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Israel

Fulbright Israel is looking for the brightest and most innovative scholars who aspire to research in Israel and join the Fulbright heritage.

Candidates must be hosted by an accredited Israeli institution of higher education. 

Fulbright Israel plans to award up to eight fellowships to U.S. postdoctoral scholars who seek to pursue research in one of Israel's academic institutions. Grants are open to researchers in all academic disciplines and support programs of research in Israel for up to 20 months (two academic years).

Each candidate should be responsible for the arrangement of his/her institutional affiliations in Israel independently, including development of the research program for the proposed visit, through contacts with possible host institutions. According to Fulbright Israel policy, Fulbright postdoctoral fellows must hold official postdoctoral fellow status at their host institutions in Israel, including access to campus resources. Please contact the Fulbright Israel office at with any questions and/or assistance with identifying suitable hosts or contacts.

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Tel Aviv University International

Semester or Year Abroad

This study abroad experience is for students who are looking for a life-changing journey of discovery, while simultaneously studying and earning credit at the top university of Israel. This opportunity is open to students either for one semester or one full year.

Tel Aviv University is located in the center of Tel Aviv, the city of non-stop discovery. Tel Aviv boasts a diverse and create community alongside its beaches, unique culture and vibrant nightlife. It’s no surprise this young city has been labeled the “Capital of Mediterranean Cool.”

With 30,000 Israelis and 3,000 international students on campus, you’ll have the chance to grow a network of friends from all over the world. In addition to rigorous academic coursework, you will be given the opportunity to travel throughout Israel and explore the rich history and heritage of the Start-Up Nation. Expect excursions in the Northern Galilee, the Negev Desert, the Dead Sea and of course, the Mediterranean.

The experience begins with a mandatory intensive Hebrew Ulpan course, followed by a minimum of four semester courses. You can check our full list of course offerings here.

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TAKA: Prep Program For Academic Hebrew

This intensive Hebrew program is run in collaboration with the Ministry of Absorption, the program, otherwise known as TAKA, is ideal for those who wish to improve their academic and language skills.

You’ll need a high school diploma or higher to join the program, and be looking to pursue a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, or a PhD in Hebrew at an Israeli college or university.

Expect some intensive coursework focusing on three core components: Intensive Hebrew studies, English studies, personal academic consultation for choosing a study track, and a selection of Hebrew specializations such as Academic Writing, International Relations, Israeli Society, and more. You’ll also be  prepared for the Yael Test for Hebrew proficiency, and Amir Test for English proficiency required by higher academic institutions in Israel. 

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International MA Program in Environmental Studies

The Porter School of Environmental Studies' International MA Program in Environmental Studies provides candidates with an intensive multidisciplinary insight into environmental studies with an emphasis on Israel's unique geographic and geopolitical setting. It takes place over one year (3 semesters), is full time and is taught entirely in English.

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International MA Program in Security & Diplomacy

Our Security and Diplomacy program is one for the Next Gen of leaders, those of you looking to stamp your diplomat skill-set and security knowledge on an ever-challenging world.The program provides you with advanced knowledge and analytical tools in order to take onboard key strategy, diplomacy, and decision-making skills. These skills ensure you have what it takes to shape a security and foreign policy on a global level - with a focus on the Middle East, probably the world’s most fiery spot to practice those newly acquired skills.Expect to be tutored by internationally renowned scholars and leading practitioners in both security and diplomacy, providing a fascinating and truly exceptional learning experience. You’ll also go on educational tours and meet with Israeli and foreign officials as part of the curriculum, an inspirational way to get a real hands-on feel for diplomacy on the ground.You’re undoubtedly already aware of the world’s focus on Israel and its immediate neighbors, in both security and diplomacy matters; this is your chance to enroll in a unique, localized program with internationally renowned scholars and leading practitioners in the region. Click here for more information. 

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Semester & Year Programs

A BGU experience is more than your typical study abroad. Here, you will immerse yourself into our vibrant campus community, living and taking courses alongside Israeli and international students alike. You'll encounter new perspectives and make friends with a diverse cohort of students from all over the globe. Beyond your academic studies, you'll take part in BGU's dynamic calendar of social events and activities, and have opportunities to travel throughout Israel.

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Israel XP at Bar-Ilan University

Israel XP works in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University to provide students with high-level general and Judaic studies, credits that are transferable to many North American universities, and an independent, vibrant dorm life. We offer the benefits of a relatively small, intimate program of approximately 120 English-speaking students, combined with the resources and infrastructure of a top notch university.

Classes take place at Bar-Ilan University on Monday - Thursday. Judaic courses are offered at beginner and advanced levels each morning. Options include parsha, ethics, halacha, Talmud, contemporary issues, and a wide array of other topics

General studies courses are taught in the afternoons. The courses are similar to a typical freshman course load in North American universities, including English, Mathematics, Science, Psychology, Ulpan, Business and more. All courses are taught in English.

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University of Haifa International School

Semester & Year Programs

As a student at the University of Haifa's Study Abroad Program for a semester or year, you will have an experience that you will never forget! Our wide range of courses and special track programs fulfills any student's academic interest. Courses in the Study Abroad Program at the International School are taught in English by faculty from a variety of departments within the University of Haifa. All of our courses are academically accredited in accordance with the standards and criteria of North American and European universities.

While studying abroad here in Haifa, you will be able to explore the city's beauty, cultural life, and diversity all of which are represented on campus and throughout the student body.

Throughout your time abroad, you will get to experience a wide variety of trips and tours all around Israel; from trips to the beautiful Galilee and Golan Heights to Jerusalem Tel Aviv, and all the way down to the Dead Sea and Masada.

Aside from trips and tours, our social activities coordinators are there to provide you with cultural activities on and off of campus, as well as assistance 24/7.

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Arava Institute

Semester & Year Programs

The Arava Institute offers an accredited university-level semester or yearlong program for both undergraduate and graduate students. Take courses in diverse environmental fields, engage in peace-building and environmental leadership seminars, and partake in educational field trips — all with a diverse student population hailing from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and beyond.

Students at the Arava Institute explore a range of environmental issues from an exceptional transboundary and interdisciplinary perspective. Under the guidance of leading environmental professionals and academics, students take between four to five courses in both the natural and social environmental sciences. Courses focus on the areas of water management, renewable energy, ecology, sustainable agriculture, environmental politics, and more. Students can also pursue an independent research project in the framework of a 3-credit elective independent study course. All courses are taught in English.

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Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan

Green Apprenticeship Program

Join us for a 4 week practical training program in hands-on sustainable living. We will learn about the design, building and running of various projects.

We will link together ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects into a unified whole. For instance, we will develop skills through hands-on work in our environmental education center, organic gardens, and natural building projects. 

Students will live in the EcoCampus neighborhood featuring beautiful hand-crafted earth and straw bale domes. At the end of the course, participants receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification (PDC).

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Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Israel Government Fellows

The global leadership network established by Israel Government Fellows strengthens the Israel-Diaspora connection and contributes to the advancement of the Israeli public sector.

Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is an elite government and policy research internship program based in Jerusalem that offers a unique professional and educational opportunity to outstanding Jewish professionals from around the world. Founded in 2007 by the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and Masa Israel Journey, IGF combines high-level professional development in the Israeli government and public sector with a multi-faceted, in-depth educational program on Israeli policy and society.

 Over the course of ten months, IGF Fellows gain invaluable hands-on work experience, together with insight into Israeli society and public administration, while providing vital service to government ministries and NGOs. IGF prepares Fellows to assume impactful professional roles in the future and connects them to a greater alumni network of proven leaders and changemakers.

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Reichman University, Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS)

Study Abroad Program

Founded by renowned Israeli Professor Uriel Reichman in 1994, Reichman University is the first private university in Israel. It is a non-profit organization modeled after Ivy League universities in the U.S. In the twenty-eight years since its establishment, Reichman University's success has drawn both international recognition and some of the finest lecturers and researchers from around the world. Reichman University has the largest international school in Israel; the Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS), with over 2,500 international students from 90 different countries – 1/3 of all students are international.

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Israel Tech Policy Institute

The Israel Tech Policy Institute (ITPI) is a policy think-tank and research institute founded in Tel-Aviv in 2018. The ITPI was established as the Israeli chapter of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) – one of the leading think tanks in the U.S. and around the world in the field of privacy and data protection. The ITPI was founded by FPF CEO Jules Polonetsky, acting as its Chairman, and by Prof. Omer Tene. Limor Shmerling Magazanik is the Managing Director of the institute.  

Unique in the Israeli tech policy landscape, the ITPI provides a platform for research and policy discourse across a range of stakeholders, including industry, academia, government and civil society.

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