[Audio] Israel and Hamas: The Roots of Conflict Leading up to the Attack on the Gaza Strip

October 12, 2023

This clip from KCBS Radio features Helen Diller Institute Co-Faculty Director Ron Hassner. Please click HERE to listen to the audio. 


More than two thousand people have died in the war between Israel and Hamas, and the White House confirms at least 22 Americans are among the dead

Israel continues to pound the Gaza Strip in retaliation for Saturday’s surprise attack by Hamas, while the Islamic militant group denies its soldiers committed atrocities during that invasion

It’s a complex situation in a complicated region, with a sad history of centuries of conflict, and to help us all understand it a bit better, KCBS political reporter Doug Sovern, along with Patti Reising and Bret Burkhart, spoke with Ron Hassner, the Chancellor's Professor of Political Science and Helen Diller Family Chair in Israel Studies at UC Berkeley, who specializes in teaching international conflict and religion.

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